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Hurricane Window Film In South Florida

  • Achieve Hurricane-Resistant Windows
  • Choose From 3 Storm Protection Window Products
  • Prevent Broken Windows During Severe Weather
  • Work With Highly Trained Security Experts

Your home or business is your utmost priority, and you want to know that you have left it as secure as possible at the end of the day – especially during hurricane season.

Clearly Secure offers advanced window protection solutions for homeowners and businesses in South Florida and the Palm Beach area. We install three levels of increased window protection that protect not only from severe weather, but also issues like break-ins and vandalism.

3 Storm Protection Options for South Florida Windows

With our team’s experience in security, private investigation, and the NYPD, you can trust Clearly Secure to have your South Florida home or building secured as optimally as possible.

If you want peace of mind when you are away from your property, we can help you achieve this with a free consultation. After discussing your budget and preferences, our security experts will identify whether window security film, DefenseLite, or BulletShield will work best for your needs.

Deciding between these window security solutions depends on your existing windows and the level of storm protection you desire.

Window Security Film

Window security film is a product made with layers of thin, laminated polyester that adds extra strength to the windows you already have. This can help prevent shattering during severe weather – not to mention, attempted break-ins.

If a person or heavy storm debris hits your windows with enough impact, though, security film probably won’t stop the glass from shattering. However, it works to hold the glass shards together, deterring criminals and making cleanup safer.


DefenseLite is a polycarbonate shield that’s placed over your existing windows – though its customized edge banding and powder coating make the system virtually invisible upon installation!

With all-weather adhesives and polycarbonate storm panels, this highly durable barrier can withstand everything from windstorms to forced entry. The system is weather-sealed to reduce water penetration and damage, and it’s 250 times stronger than glass. DefenseLite will even help reduce noise pollution from the outside world.


If you want your property to be at its highest level of protection, it doesn’t get better than BulletShield – an overglaze that mounts onto existing windows, creating a protective layer tested to UL752 standards.

For hurricane window protection, DefenseLite is often enough for most homes.

However, if you’re considering window protection for your business, upgrading to BulletShield obviously has additional benefits: This system is built to be shatterproof and create bullet-resistant windows, withstanding the impact of 9MM, .44 Magnum, and AR-15 bullets.

Why Choose Clearly Secure for Window Security?

Clearly Secure offers the highest quality customer service on the market and installation you can count on to keep you as secure as possible. Our unsurpassed commitment to quality is evident in our five-star reviews.

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Clearly Secure offers advanced window security solutions that increase protection against smash and grabs, active shooters, riots, and more. Let us help keep your home or building’s windows safe from storms, riot activity, or any other external threats.

We work hard to provide a proactive solution for our clients through experience and commitment to quality. Our only goal is to keep the windows of your building as safe as possible, saving you time and money.

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