Smash & Grabs

Anti-Smash & Grab Window Film Installation in South Florida

  • Protect Your Property From Smash and Grabs
  • Keep Out Intruders at All Times
  • Work With Highly Trained Security Experts

Want to stop intruders in their tracks and protect your property? Clearly Secure offers window security solutions for homeowners and businesses in South Florida and the Palm Beach County area. With backgrounds in policing and private investigation, our security experts are ready to help you prevent smash and grabs from happening to your property, so you can go about your daily tasks without worrying about your safety and security!

Smash and Grab Prevention Options

Smash and grabs happen quickly. As soon as an intruder breaks through a glass area, they can take valuable items in a matter of seconds. Protecting vulnerable windows and door frames can take your building’s protection level from modest to virtually impenetrable, and we’re ready to help you do just that!

Clearly Secure specializes in products that create a highly durable barrier around your property, offering several smash and grab window protection options for you to choose from. Our team will also ensure your window security solution is professionally installed. Schedule a free consultation today!

Security Film

Security window film makes your windows thicker, so intruders have a more difficult time breaking through the glass. This polyester-based, micro-layered product is applied directly to your existing windows, though you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

There are various thicknesses of security film you can install, depending on your preferred level of protection. The security specialists at Clearly Secure will work with you to determine the best security film for your needs.


If you’re looking for even stronger anti-theft glass, opt for DefenseLite – a retrofit security glazing system. It features proprietary high-optic UV-coated polycarbonate shields, vented aluminum extrusions, multi-layer thin films, tough structural adhesives, VHB tapes, and security tipped anchors. Looters and intruders stand no chance when your property is equipped with this customizable and highly durable forced-entry solution!


When a smash and grab turns even more dangerous, you’ll be thankful to have BulletShield keeping your building safe from projectiles. BulletShield’s proprietary polycarbonate shields offer impressive ballistic resistance and retrofit to existing windows, doors, storefronts, and curtain walls for a custom solution that costs far less than a full bullet-resistant reglaze.

Choose Clearly Secure for Advanced Window Security

For a smash and grab film that’s capable of keeping your property safe from looting, rioting, and everything in between, reach out to the team at Clearly Secure! We’ll help you determine the best line of defense for your specific needs. Contact us online today or call our Boynton Beach office now at 561-770-7600.