Riot Protection

South Florida Window Protection From Riots

  • Keep Your Business Secure During Riots
  • Stop Intruders From Entering Your Property
  • Work With Expert Window Security Specialists

When streets become crowded with riot activity and your business is at risk of intruders and looting, it’s time to partner with Clearly Secure to enhance your property’s protection. Our five-star security specialists are ready to assess your needs, recommend the best products to keep your property safe, and provide a seamless installation. Contact us online, or call our team in Boynton Beach today at 561-770-7600!

Advanced Window Security Products and Professional Installation

From security film that helps prevent shattering to polycarbonate shields that create a virtually impenetrable barrier over existing windows, our window security solutions offer increasing levels of resistance to external threats like riots, blasts, and even active shooters.

Our security experts at Clearly Secure are highly trained, with backgrounds working in the NYPD, security, and private investigation. We will work closely with you to determine a custom window solution for your specific needs, whether you’re looking to protect a storefront or government building.

Security Film

Security film makes your windows shatterproof, which makes it more difficult for intruders to access your property. After professional installation, the security film will keep looters from gaining immediate access to your building’s interior by keeping them outside for longer.


Make your windows unbreakable to potential riot activity with DefenseLite! Crafted with durable polycarbonate material, DefenseLite stops intruders in their tracks. Upon attack, the retrofit security glazing system flexes, absorbs, and deflects energy away. Most primary windows do not break, and in most cases, the criminal flees the scene.


For ultimate protection against armed intruders, choose the BulletShield window system. Independently tested to meet forced entry and UL 752 ballistic standards, BulletShield makes it nearly impossible for intruders to get through windows, defeating most attacks while protecting the primary glass from breaking.

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Ready to create an impenetrable barrier around your business or home? Clearly Secure is here to help Palm Beach County and South Florida customers find and install the best security solution for their needs. Get started today with a free consultation!