Blast Protection

Blast Window Protection Solutions in South Florida

  • Keep Your Florida Property Protected From Bombs
  • Work With Retired NYPD and Private Investigators
  • Make Your Building Impenetrable to Threats

When outside threats reach a new level of danger, keep your property protected with Clearly Secure! We offer several advanced window security solutions to level up your protection from explosive devices and other external hazards like active shooters and smash and grabs.

For customers who desire blast protection, we recommend Riot Glass. Our team is ready to assess your security needs and install the best product for your South Florida home or business. Give us a call today at 561-770-7600 to get started!

Protect Your Property With Blast-Resistant Panels

When it comes to schools, government buildings, and other establishments with high traffic, ultimate safety and protection are the priority. While bomb threats can be overwhelming to think about, they certainly still occur. Clearly Secure is here to help you be prepared for anything.

With backgrounds in policing, security, and private investigation, our experts understand the importance of reinforcing a building’s most vulnerable areas: windows and doors.

When installed properly by highly trained technicians, our retrofit window blast protection adds a durable layer of security to protect people from bomb blasts and glass fragmentation.

Retrofit Solutions for Window Blast Protection

While security window film works to delay forced entry, depending on your blast-resistant standards, your facility might require a tougher system.

Clearly Secure sells and installs Riot Glass – retrofit polycarbonate shields for doors and windows that are custom-made to your needs and preferences.

Riot Glass

Riot Glass is a customized framing and shield system made from plastics and polycarbonate that anchors to your doors and windows, providing maximum strength. It comes in bronze and clear and can be custom-made to fit windows and doors, offering a protective shield so you don't have to worry about attacks.

Its proven performance through rigorous testing stops break-ins attempted with bats, crowbars, pickaxes, sledgehammers, and more, meaning no looters will get past it. It has an unmatched success rate and has passed the Miami Dade large missile testing protocol.

The blast-resistant glazing solution is made from virtually unbreakable thermoplastic and impact-resistant polycarbonate. Depending on your needs, the system can be applied on the exterior or interior of the glass or both, and any building from retail environments to schools, can benefit from the system.

ArmorPlast by Riot Glass

This option provides mitigation from active threats keeping everyone inside the property safer during any ballistic threats or blast scenarios. The over-glazing is applied to the existing glass and can help add time to allow people to get help or escape until the danger has been removed.

These products are rated up to a UL 752 Level 8, which means they are capable of resisting multi-shot high-speed attacks from snipers or active shooters with an AK47 using .308 bullets.

The polycarbonate panels can take up to 30 times the impact of acrylic and can be retrofitted for almost any window or door. The system also doesn't greatly alter the appearance of your windows and doors and does not block views and natural lighting.

All Riot Glass glazing solutions are custom-built to fit your doors and windows. They come in various levels of protection you can choose from, and each Riot Glass system is custom fabricated to meet your needs.

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