Active Shooters

Window Shields for Active Shooter Protection in Palm Beach

  • Create a Bullet-Resistant Barrier Over Windows
  • Work With Certified Window Security Specialists
  • Keep Your Property Safe From Active Shooters

Active shooters are a major threat to Florida homes and businesses. With a weapon, these intruders can break through vulnerable glass in a matter of seconds. Securing entry points with a protective barrier can prevent and delay intruders, potentially saving valuables inside and, most importantly, saving lives.

Step up your protection against active shooters with the help of Clearly Secure! Our glass security solutions protect against high-level threats like active shooters, riots, and smash and grabs. Contact our team to schedule a free consultation today!

Stop Active Shooters With Riot Glass

Whether it's a school or government building, every facility can benefit from enhanced active shooter protection. For bullet-resistant windows, Clearly Secure offers a retrofit solutions by Riot Glass.

In the event there is an active shooter, every second will matter, and the right glass can provide you with the extra time to make fast decisions. Riot Glass is designed to reinforce the existing glass to help provide extra protection for forced entry and active shooters. Once it is installed, the system is almost undetectable from standard glass. This makes it more difficult for intruders to enter the area and gives you the extra time you need to get help on the way.

How Does Riot Glass Perform in a Shooting?

The Riot Glass line has a thermoplastic layer that is 100 times stiffer and five times stronger than standard laminated glass. Riot Glass is an affordable ballistic resistance and anti-intrusion solution that has been tested with everything ranging from missiles to baseball bats to ensure its capabilities.

The system offers multiple bullet-resistant glazing solutions, and the products receive a ballistic rating from the Underwriters' Laboratories to ensure it meets their standards in safety.

No matter the type of building you need protection for, Riot Glass has a product that will fit your needs and budget. Their bullet-resistant glass can withstand attacks from AK47 and .308 fire.

Clearly Secure specializes in this product line and will reinforce your existing glass, turning it into long-term protection that you can count on. The system can also prevent forced entry, meaning whether it's an intruder or a bullet, Riot Class has you covered.

The installation can be completed quickly and placed over the top of your existing panels, and if an active shooter damages it, the replacement is more affordable and an easier project.

Riot Glass Exceeds Expectations

We install custom Riot Glass systems that meet UL752 ratings for ballistic protection. Crafted with an “unbreachable” UV-capped, clear polycarbonate shield, Riot Glass is custom-fabricated for your windows, no matter the size or shape, allowing you to upgrade to bullet-resistant windows without having to replace your existing ones.

Riot Glass also helps keep the property looking great because you don't need to install shutters, gates, bars, or boards over the windows and doors. While at the same time, the system won't reduce natural light or create unsightly obstacles that block the view.

Extremely durable and long lasting, Riot Glass is your answer to keeping armed intruders out and your building and its occupants safe. Call Clearly Secure today at 561-770-7600 to learn more!

Contact Clearly Secure for Professional Riot Glass Installation

For enhanced window security, turn to the professionals at Clearly Secure in Palm Beach County. We strive to provide an honest and straightforward service at all times, and we have the training and experience necessary to securely install your new Riot Glass system.

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