South Florida Window Security Solutions

  • Enhance Security at Your South Florida Property
  • Work With Experienced Window Security Specialists
  • Stay Protected From High Level Threats

Want to enhance your property’s protection against common threats? Clearly Secure provides window security installation services capable of keeping you and your property safe from all types of forces of entry. Our expert security specialists will work with you to determine the best security level for your specific needs. Get started with a free consultation today!

Smash and Grabs

Intruders will stop at nothing to break through your property’s vulnerabilities and take precious products and belongings. Keep the bad guys out with one of our window security applications. From standard window security film to the DefenseLite system, Clearly Secure will provide you with the solution you need to prevent smash and grabs.

Active Shooters

Don’t be caught unprepared when a serious threat such as an active shooter makes a visit to your property. Establish a protective barrier around your property with the help of the window security experts at Clearly Secure. We’ll install bullet-resistant shields on your windows so you can maintain a safe and secure environment at all times.

Riot Protection

Keeping your property safe from vandalism, damage, and looting is essential as a homeowner and business owner. With our window security solutions, you won’t have to worry about suffering the downfalls of unexpected rioting.

Blast Protection

Be prepared for the worst with our blast-resistant window security systems. After installation, you can feel confident knowing that your property is protected in case of contact with TNT or other explosions.

Storm Protection

Severe weather storms can tear through vulnerable glass. Keep your property and belongings untouched with a durable security system that can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

Schedule Your Window Security Installation Today

When you’re ready to step up the threat protection at your property, trust the expert security specialists at Clearly Secure. We bring an unmatched dedication to customer service to every installation, so you can feel confident in your results. Contact us online or call our Palm Beach County office today at 561-770-7600!

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