Storefront Security Window Solutions In South Florida

  • Protect Your Store From Burglars and Other Threats
  • Work With Experienced Window Security Experts
  • Stay Secure From Looting, Active Shooters, and More

Storefronts are particularly vulnerable to smash and grabs, looting, and other threats. Clearly Secure can help you enhance your store’s security without compromising its appearance with one of our window security solutions. From standard security film to advanced shields, we’ll equip your store with the barrier you need to stay protected from just about any kind of threat.

Available Window Security Solutions

As a business owner, doing everything you can to keep your company secure is essential. Clearly Secure will provide you with a reassuring peace of mind by installing a durable and long-lasting window security system on your storefront. We offer several solutions based on your specific needs.

Security Film

For highly effective storefront security windows, opt for security film installation. There are several thicknesses for you to choose from, depending on your preferred level of protection. Security film works to keep intruders out of your store long enough for you to call for help.


For an even stronger hold against forced entries, choose the DefenseLite window security system. Because storefronts are vulnerable to riot activity, smash and grabs, and other threats, it's essential to have a security system that stays strong throughout these events. DefenseLite is manufactured with durable polycarbonate material capable of withstanding even the harshest of impacts.


BulletShield is your key for preparing for the worst types of threats: armed intruders. BulletShield helps you establish bullet-resistant storefront windows that are capable of maintaining their structures even when coming into contact with direct shots.

Contact Clearly Secure for Effective Window Security Solutions

From standard display windows to storefront security glass doors, Clearly Secure has the protective solutions you need to keep your store secure during all types of threats. Our team of expert window security specialists will work with you to find and install the best solution for your store’s specific needs.

To start your service off with a free consultation, send us a message or call our Boynton Beach office today at 561-770-7600.