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Window Security Solutions for South Florida Government Buildings

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From classified documents to essential state information, Florida government buildings hold many valuable assets that are worthy of the ultimate protection. Securing vulnerable entry points can instantly level-up your building’s protective barrier, and today’s advanced products allow you to do so without the need to renovate or make changes to existing windows and doors.

Clearly Secure provides advanced window security solutions for government buildings in Palm Beach County and South Florida area, from durable window security film to impenetrable transparent shields that install over your existing glass. Our security experts are ready to help you determine and install the best window protection for your facility’s specific needs!

Available Window Security Solutions

Depending on your preferred security level, Clearly Secure offers several levels of solutions. We’ll help you navigate through your different options so you can get your building secured with the best system for your security needs.

Security Film

Security film is an ideal system for keeping intruders out of your building long enough to call for backup and take action. There are several thicknesses you can choose to install depending on your preferred level of security.


For a higher level of protection against intruders, opt for the DefenseLite security system. DefenseLite attaches to existing windows and establishes an impact-resistant barrier around your building. With DefenseLite, breaking through the glass is nearly impossible for intruders.


If you’re looking for bullet-resistant windows for government buildings, reach out to Clearly Secure about our BulletShield installation. Crafted with impenetrable, bullet-resistant polycarbonates, BulletShield will keep your government building secure even in times of extreme impact.

Contact Clearly Secure for Professional Window Security Installation

When you’re ready to protect your government building from any kind of force it comes into contact with, choose the experienced team at Clearly Secure. We provide honest, effective, and professional window security installation services for government buildings. We’ll help you, your staff, and assets stay safe during riots, break-ins, and everything in between.

Contact Clearly Secure online to set up your free consultation today, or give our Boynton Beach office a call now at 561-770-7600!