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Window Security for South Florida Commercial Buildings

  • Create a Bullet-Resistant Barrier
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  • Protect Your Building From All Types of Threats

Are you looking for enhanced security for your commercial building? Clearly Secure offers a variety of window security solutions based on your security needs and preferences. Our team is ready to provide you with a new window security system that can protect your building from common threats such as smash and grabs, riots, and even active shooters!

Available Commercial Security Window Solutions

Since commercial buildings are the target for many types of threats, it's essential to equip your building with optimal security and protection. Clearly Secure can help you achieve ultimate window protection with the following solutions.

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Security Window Film

Security film strengthens existing windows and makes it more difficult for intruders to break through the glass. You can even establish commercial security glass doors with this film to better keep intruders out of your building.

Contact Clearly Secure to learn more about the different security film levels based on your specific needs!


If you need even stronger security for your commercial building, choose DefenseLite – the advanced polycarbonate shield that installs over existing windows. This system will create a barrier that’s resistant to forced entry, wind storms, solar radiation, and noise pollution.


Make your property untouchable to even the highest possible threat: active shooters. The BulletShield system is shatterproof and can withstand the impact of several types of bullets.

Clearly Secure provides professional BulletShield installation services to help you equip your building with bullet-resistant commercial windows. We bring a commitment to unmatched customer service and durable results to every install!

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