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At Clearly Secure, our specialty is providing high-quality window security solutions for a variety of markets in Palm Beach County. Our window security specialists bring unmatched expertise and a commitment to five-star customer service to every installation.

From standard security film to ballistic resistant glass, our experts are ready to help you establish a secure environment that keeps your property safe from any kind of threat! We bring a background in private investigation and security solution application to every service.

Contact Clearly Secure online or call our Boynton Beach office today at 561-770-7600 to learn more!

Markets We Serve

Clearly Secure offers several solutions to enhance the durability of your existing windows. We’ll help you keep intruders out and keep your property safe!

Commercial Buildings

Intruders often target commercial buildings for break ins and smash and grabs, which puts your building’s occupants and valuables at risk of harm and theft. Securing vulnerable entry points with security film or forced entry glass will instantly give your property an advanced protective barrier. Our experts will help you assess which product is best for your needs.


Keeping your family and valuables safe is a number one priority as a homeowner. Step up your security by strengthening vulnerable glass with one of our window security solutions. We offer a variety of protection levels, so you can find the best product for your family and home.


Unfortunately, severe threats like active shooters and blasts are a reality for many schools, which is why student and faculty safety should be prioritized in all school settings. Clearly Secure is ready to help you keep your school safe from the highest threats by strengthening your building’s most vulnerable entry points.


When riots break out and intruders threaten your storefront, don’t be left defenseless. Installing security film, or Riot Glass over windows can help you keep thieves out of your store – and discourage them from trespassing in the first place.

Government Buildings

It’s no secret that government buildings are often the target of vandalism and break-ins. For enhanced security at your building, contact the window security experts at Clearly Secure and install a durable and effective protection system.

Contact Clearly Secure for Your Window Protection Needs

Ready to step up your property’s security and protection? Clearly Secure is here to assist with all of your window durability needs with our security solutions, from window film to polycarbonate security shields.

Install the system you need to keep the bad guys out of your home or building. Start your service with a free consultation today!

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