Security Glass System For Doors & Windows In South Florida

  • Prevent Intruders From Entering Your Store
  • Work With Licensed DefenseLite Installers
  • Enhance Your Property’s Overall Security

Protect your property from forced entry with DefenseLite – a durable, polycarbonate security glass system that retrofits to any type of window. Flexible and long-lasting, DefenseLite keeps unwanted intruders out of your property by creating an impenetrable barrier around your store or building.

The expert technicians at Clearly Secure can professionally install DefenseLite on your property and help you enhance your safety and protection. Contact us and get started on your installation today!

Why Choose DefenseLite for Window Protection?

DefenseLite’s high durability and reliability make it a popular window security choice among property owners. Crafted with high-optic UV coated shields, several layers of defense, and a durable structure, DefenseLite helps you establish forced entry-resistant windows.

  • Stop break-ins through glass
  • Protect inventory from theft and looting
  • Protect storefronts, employees, and patrons from broken glass
  • Enhance security without grills and gates

After application, your windows won’t shatter or break upon impact! DefenseLite will provide you with a reliable layer of protection from various threats like smash and grabs and riots. It’s 250 times more effective at keeping intruders out than regular glass, making it an excellent addition to any property.

And there are additional benefits! DefenseLite also is an effective insulator, it reduces sound transfer by 50%, and it even protects against infrared and UV rays.

DefenseLite Features

The DefenseLite window security system is crafted with several features: a highly durable, transparent polycarbonate shield, an aluminum extrusion, secured fasteners, and elegant trim.

Based on your aesthetic preferences, you can choose from a selection of aluminum, bronze, or white. You also have the option to add on an extended warranty, impact alarm installation, and an anodized finish.

Speak with an expert at Clearly Secure for a complete report of all of DefenseLite’s features and additions!

Expert DefenseLite Installation

One of the key ways to maximize DefenseLite’s performance is to ensure proper installation. When you choose Clearly Secure for your DefenseLite application, you can rest assured knowing that our experienced team will install the additional protection with precision and accuracy.

We recommend DefenseLite installation for all types of properties, such as:

No project is too complex for us! We bring unmatched expertise and a dedication to exceptional customer service to every installation. When you need a window security shield that’s capable of keeping intruders out and your property safe, contact the DefenseLite specialists at Clearly Secure!

DefenseLite Installation Process

DefenseLite retrofits to any size or shape of window. Our specialists will apply the film to either the interior or exterior of the glass, creating a weather-sealed window security system.

Once DefenseLite is installed, your property will stay protected in times of smash and grabs, riots, and more. You can have the DefenseLite film removed at any time if you ever decide you no longer need its advanced protection.

Contact Clearly Secure for Expert DefenseLite Installation

When you’re ready to step up your property’s security and make your windows impenetrable to intruders with DefenseLite, reach out to Clearly Secure for a professional installation. With our unmatched experience in private investigation and security applications, you can count on us to provide you with the protection your property needs.

We’ll start your service off with a free consultation, so you can feel confident in your service right from the start!

In addition to DefenseLite, Clearly Secure also installs durable security film and Bulletshield for optimal window security. Speak with one our certified window security experts to learn more about our installation process and commitment to exceptional results! You can reach us online or by calling 561-770-7600.