Ballistic Resistant Glass

Protect Your Property From Shooters With Ballistic Resistant Glass

  • Establish a Bullet-Resistant Barrier
  • Keep Active Shooters Out
  • Work With Riot Glass Specialists

For top-level window security and protection, Clearly Secure offers an advanced, retrofit solution to add bullet resistance to your home or property. Our team professionally installs Riot Glass with precision over vulnerable entry points, so you can feel confident knowing that your property is protected from active shooters and other intruders. We’ll retrofit Riot Glass to fit your windows and help you establish a durable barrier against all types of force!

Why Choose Bullet-Resistant Glazing?

Crafted with an impenetrable polycarbonate shield, Riot Glass serves as a ballistic protection system for stores, government buildings, and other commercial properties.

Riot Glass products retrofit to any window shape and securely mount to existing glazing frames for exceptional flexibility, durability, and strength.

Riot Glass provides property owners with ballistic panels that can withstand impact from a Level 1 to 9MM, to a Level 8 to .308 attack. The image below breaks down the associated levels of ballistic glass.

From police stations to schools, Riot Glass is the bullet-resistant glazing that our customers can count on.

At Clearly Secure, we want our customers to get through day to day operations knowing your property and staff are safe. Our staff will even work with you to customize the shield’s powder-coating to meet your aesthetic preferences, so you can experience ultimate protection without compromising your property’s appearance.

Ballistic Resistant Glass Features

Riot Glass, Inc., the leading manufacturer of retrofit security solutions for commercial properties, supplies window protection products with various levels of ballistic resistance to suit your needs.

ArmorPlast Gen II framing is extruded from 6063 T-5 aluminum with 1/8” walls – twice the thickness of most storefront framing members.

The heat-strengthened, incredibly rigid ArmorPlast Gen II framing not only provides a solid mount for security infill panels, but also strengthens the underlying storefront structure when installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. The net result is a security barrier that is virtually impenetrable, yet invisible to the untrained eye.”

This product is designed to fit all 1 to 3/4” aluminum framed doors with removable interior and exterior glass stops. Upgrade any compatible door frame to a high performance security door quickly and easily!

Choose Clearly Secure for Expert Ballistic Resistant Glass Installation

At Clearly Secure, we take pride in our ability to provide customers with exceptional window security solutions. We utilize unmatched expertise and high-end equipment to secure the Riot Glass system to your existing windows and door frames.

Once we’re done with installation, you can sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with optimal bullet-resistant protection. Start your service off with a free consultation!

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Are you ready to enhance your property’s security? Stay protected from active shooters, riots, and everything in between with Clearly Secure’s window security solutions!

Whether you’re in need of standard protection with security film, enhanced security with a forced entry glass system, or optimal security with ballistic resistant glass, our team is ready to get to work. We’ll work with you to help you determine the best security level for your property so you can get on with your daily tasks worry free.

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