The Best Types of Hurricane Window Protection
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The Best Types of Hurricane Window Protection

As a homeowner, your main priority is to keep your resources as safe as possible, and part of this includes your home's windows. If you live in an area where your home is susceptible to hurricanes, this means that flying projectiles can be the means to an end for the entire window and cause extensive damage inside your home.

Dealing with broken windows also means no protection from elements like water that can cause even more destruction to your walls and flooring. If the area you live in regularly encounters hurricanes, you want to know how to be prepared and keep your windows protected through the worst of storms.

Here’s Clearly Secure’s list of the top solutions to keep your building safe and achieve durable window protection from hurricanes.

Wood Utilization

One of the most utilized options for protection is applying sheets of plywood over the windows and doors. These have proven to be a method that's highly effective and budget-friendly.

The main issues with this option are the need to measure and cut the wood and the labor-intensive application process. Because this is also a temporary solution, it may not be a regular choice for most individuals.

Hurricane Fabric and Screens

There are the newer options on the market called hurricane screens or fabric. They are made from material similar to what's used for trampolines and are stretched over your window to help deflect any projectiles. They are budget-friendly, easy to install, and handmade from a high-tech material that is known for its durability.

Additionally, some people prefer the fabric because it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space like plywood. It is more aesthetically pleasing, safer to handle than other materials, and allows natural light to come through the windows.

The screen drawbacks are the installation time, they require custom orders, are limited in their color options, and even though they may take the impact of projectiles, they do not promote shatterproof glass.


Shutters are a great solution because they can be left installed and only be utilized when a storm is coming. There are multiple different options that all come at different prices and, in some cases, can be personalized to fit your home.

Typically he most significant issue with the shutters is the overall price because they are one of the more expensive options for window protection.

Some of the most common types of hurricane shutters on the market include:


This option is permanently fixed to your windows, and the design rolls up inside the container. This means when there is a storm, you simply pull the metal shutters down using a button or crank to help create a barrier.


This style is attached to the side of the door window and has to be unrolled horizontally by hand and our an excellent option for patio or sliding glass doors.


The colonial design is made up of two panels attached to the wall next to the window and folded in towards each other to help create protection for the glass.

Bermuda or Bahama

These are louvered panels that are attached above the window and are similar to colonial designs. However, they offer the extra benefit of shade when they are propped up.

Riot Glass

One of the ideal options that offer a permanent solution and blend with your building is Riot Glass– a retrofit solution that installs over your glass. It comes with a powder coating to make the system almost invisible and its thermoplastic inner layer is bonded between two outer layers of the glass.

Because of its unique composition, it's up to 100 times stiffer and five times stronger than other types of security glass available. In most cases, it can handle multiple impacts from debris and is available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4 of an inch to 1 inch ensuring you get the maximum protection for your doors and windows.

Keeping Our Customers Needs the Priority

There's no doubt that you want an option to keep your property windows safe, especially if hurricanes frequent your area. Clearly Secure specializes in security glass systems and ballistic protection systems to keep your windows safe from projectiles!

We offer multiple streamlined solutions to meet our customers' needs, so give us a call today at 561-770-7600 or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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