How Riot Glass Works
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How Riot Glass Works

Things are uncertain in our world today; in between rioters and active shooters, you want to make sure that your business or home is well protected. Riot Glass is an advanced solution that will help enhance more vulnerable points on your property to create a protective barrier via shatterproof glass.

Having an additional system that allows more protection at a more negligible cost can reduce stress and save you time and money if there is an emergency. Here are some additional reasons why Riot Glass is your number one choice.

Riot Glass’s Proven Methods

How It Works

The material is an overglaze that is applied to a door or window frame to create a protective window security system. It also works to improve energy efficiency with its insulation properties and can reduce street noise by up to 40 percent.

Installation Options

The polycarbonate shield creates a separation from the glass, and the bond design will anchor the system to the existing glazing. The carbonite shield is then secured with VHB tapes and flex screws, and it is finished off with a powder coating to create full integration. Riot Glass is custom-made and is almost undetectable to the eye once installed.

Cost and Warranty Information

To have Riot Glass professionally installed can cost anywhere from $175 to $450 per square foot. This can also be contingent on how large the facility is, where the location is, and if there is already shatterproof film or glazing in place.

The warranty will vary depending on what you choose and the conditions of the installation location. The warranty range is between 2 and 15 years, but some are customizable in the service agreement. In addition, its uniqueness and design helps protect window or door glass as an affordable and customizable solution promoting longevity in the case of an emergency..

Providing Extra Security in Palm Springs

You want the highest-rated product on the market at an affordable rate, and Clearly Secure is here to help. We offer security solutions for homes and businesses to keep their staff and residents protected from situations like riots and active shooters In the Palm Beach County area.

We are experts in the security windows field, so if you would like more information or set up an appointment, click on the link or call us at 561-770-7600 today.

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