How Riot Glass Protects Your Property From Excess Heat
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How Riot Glass Protects Your Property From Excess Heat

It is no secret that the sun's UV rays can cause harmful damage to almost any item, and if you are dealing with excess heat, you might be considering window protection as an option. Riot glass is one option that can serve many different purposes, including reducing potential damage from extreme temperatures. Clearly Secure wants your home or business to stay as well cared for as possible, so we are here with how riot glass can benefit you!

What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient?

Energy efficiency is not just a buzzword that you hear in the media. Picking energy-efficient windows means more insulation properties and multiple layers of glass. Depending on the product you choose, they will provide various levels of protection from the sun rays, increased insulation properties, and heat blocking designs.

The more energy efficient a window is, the more comfortable the interior of your home will be. It also means using your HVAC system less and having lower bills each month. And depending on the size of your home or office, this could mean thousands of dollars each month saved and less wear and tear on the system.

How can Riot Glass Help Reduce Damage?

Riot glass is a glazing system that is placed on top of the glass that is currently installed. This means that you will have an extra layer of glass on your windows which will create a more energy-efficient outcome. Having this in place will help improve the insulation of your windows, meaning lower bills each month.

It can also reduce harmful UV rays that can cause potential fading and damage to anything they encounter, which means fewer replacements or repairs over time. Riot glass is also one of the more convenient options for reducing excess heat. Because of its design, it will fit into the already existing window or door system, meaning you don’t need to do a full replacement on your entire property. 

Other Benefits It Offers

It can also help improve the performance of the glass and protects them from different damage that can occur. It offers different levels of thickness and can help create commercial or residential window protection from issues like forced entry, looting, hurricanes, active threats, and much more.

Your Professional and Local Experts for Installation

Riot protective glass can be in addition to your home or business that offers multiple benefits, including energy efficiency. So, if you're looking for professional installation in Florida, Clearly Secure is your trusted expert. We have a deep commitment to providing exceptional results for all of our clients, and we install only high-quality products ranging from security film to commercial security glass doors to keep your property safer.

We always offer a free consultation for all our clients, so message us online or call us at 561-770-7600 today.

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