9 Added Benefits of Bullet-Resistant Windows That You Might Not Know
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9 Added Benefits of Bullet-Resistant Windows That You Might Not Know

Owning a store or building comes with the responsibility of ensuring maximum security at all times. From smash and grabs to riot activity, buildings like yours can serve as a major target for unwanted intruders. And as daunting as it is to think about, property owners should prepare to deal with active shooters because a worst-case scenario can happen anywhere.

At Clearly Secure, our experienced security experts have learned to hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. With modern window security products like Riot Glass, you can level up your property’s ballistic protection while enjoying several added benefits.

Let’s discuss some perks you’ll enjoy when you upgrade to Riot Glass for bullet-resistant windows!

1. Keep Intruders Out

Bullet-resistant windows make it extremely difficult for both armed and unarmed intruders to break through the glass. Intruders don’t stand a chance against Riot Glass’s durable polycarbonate material, and you can rest assured knowing that even armed thieves won’t have an easy time breaking through the windows.

Because of Riot Glass’s high durability, you’ll have enough time to call for help and take action before persistent intruders can enter your building.

2. Add Blast Protection

When you choose to install Riot Glass, you can feel confident knowing that your property has a highly efficient barrier against explosive blasts.

While unprotected windows can be easily blown away in one swift action, Riot Glass puts up much more of a fight. Explosives may still compromise the windows’ structures, but the protective shields will provide the building with an additional layer of protection.

3. Increase Weather Resistance

Extreme weather conditions can happen at any time, and windows will oftentimes be the first thing damaged. Because of its polycarbonate makeup, Riot Glass is able to withstand even the harshest of Florida weather conditions.

The bullet-resistant shields will better protect your property from the effects of severe storms such as:

  • Tornadoes
  • High wind
  • Thunderstorms
  • Hail

In addition to leaving your building’s valuables vulnerable to damage, broken windows will also require an exhausting amount of time for replacement. Taking on a window replacement may also mean slowing down daily operations and missing out on business opportunities.

Stay ahead of storm damage by installing extremely durable window security solutions!

4. Create a Noise and Energy Barrier

When your glass is reinforced with Riot Glass, you’ll reduce street noise by up to 40% and improve the energy efficiency of existing glass by more than 50%, potentially reducing your utility bills!

5. Add Graffiti Protection

Riot Glass’s sacrificial film coating also reduces the risk of graffiti tagging and keeps the shield protected from damage.

6. Enhance Existing Windows

Whether you have a large glass storefront or unique window shapes on your building, Riot Glass retrofits to match all types of windows. This means you can upgrade to bullet-resistant windows without having to replace your existing glass!

Clearly Secure’s certified and trained window security specialists will ensure all aspects of your new window security system are installed properly to protect your windows from just about any impact. Are you ready to enhance your property’s defense against the most extreme forces?

7.  Increase Your Property Value

Whether you are planning on keeping your business or selling it, you want to maximize the property's value as much as possible. Riot Glass can increase it in multiple ways, including:

  • Bullet-Resistant Windows With Tint Create More Privacy

You may want more privacy for your business, with privacy, comfort, and energy savings at the top of the list. Window tint offers a clean and finished look to the area while at the same time cutting down on disruptive glare for your employees. And it reduces the number of UV rays that can come into your building and minimizes the risk of exposure damage to your employees and your inventory.

  • Enhanced Security

There is no such thing as too much security, and reports have shown that more break-ins occur between 6 AM and 6 PM than at any other time. Thieves and burglars will look for signs of security systems, and items to steal. Riot Glass’s tinting option makes it more challenging for the perpetrator to see inside your building, meaning less chances of being targeted.

8.  Decrease Your Insurance Premiums

Owning a business means having insurance to protect the property and your inventory. Investing in doors and windows that are impact resistant can result in discounts on your insurance premiums because there is a reduced chance of damage occurring and needing a replacement.

9.  Create More Durability

Any investments you make in your business will enhance the space and Riot Glass can help create more durability in your window due to their expert design. The patented framing and shield system is made from a combination of plastics and polycarbonate that anchor to your doors or windows, creating maximum strength. This means that not only are your contents protected, but it is also less contact your windows have with exterior elements meaning fewer repairs and replacements.

Contact Clearly Secure for Bullet-Resistant Window Solutions

Clearly Secure provides professional Riot Glass installation services for property owners in the Palm Beach County area. From schools to government buildings, we’ll help you keep your building and its belongings safe at all times!

Contact us online or call our Boynton Beach office today at 561-770-7600 to schedule a free consultation!

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