6 Reasons to Choose Forced Entry Glass for Window Protection
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6 Reasons to Choose Forced Entry Glass for Window Protection

Keeping your home or business secure is your top priority, but you also want to maintain the aesthetic appeal. Using gates or bars can look unsightly and give the impression that the area is unsafe.

There are multiple products on the market that can be applied for additional protection to offer peace of mind without covering your windows, such as laminated glass or security film.

Each of these provides excellent support and is difficult to detect visually, but if you're looking for the best protection on the market, you should consider forced entry glass for multiple reasons.

Who Is a Trusted Manufacturer for Forced Entry Glass?

The Riot Glass system was initially designed in 2016 to offer a polycarbonate overglaze system that provides much higher protection for doors and windows than other products.The system is a solution that effectively keeps intruders out and Riot Glass delivers.

They are a leading manufacturer of security glass and door systems that offer maximum strength while maintaining minimal sight lines. The result means you will be left with an elegant and clean appearance while, at the same time, your windows and doors will be receiving maximum protection.


The system is designed with loss prevention and architecture in mind. The Riot Glass shields are almost invisible once they are applied and are available in clear and bronze anodized. The system also comes in a mill finish that can be powder coated or painted to achieve any desired color. To enhance this further, while the security panels come in clear, various tinting options can be added to the existing glass.

Quality in the Material

Riot Glass has the highest quality engineering team and manufacturer on the market, which contributes to creating a more durable and stronger shield for your home or business. The panels are military-grade strength and can withstand extreme ballistic or forced entry attacks

Here are just a few of the components that come with the protection to create shatterproof glass:

  • A design that can be retrofitted to your needs with T-21 thick-walled extrusions, which alone creates a system that works as a high-tech buffer for the glass.
  • It has shields made up of UV coating, and abrasion-resistant polycarbonate material that will help reduce noise, element damage and deter intruders.
  • The framing is made from a 6063T5 aluminum; and can stand up to repeated attacks without failing.
  • The panels work with any existing glazing system and have been tested for the UL752 standards of protection.
  • Once the system is applied, its high-bond elastomeric VHB tapes and stainless steel anchors ensure it stays in place.

The materials have also been engineered in extreme conditions and changing climates to ensure your system allows for contraction and expansion and helps stop condensation build-up. This engineering process helps remove the risk of pillowing or bowing effects that can change the appearance, and an internal weep reservoir is installed to remove any moisture between the panels.

Testing Measures

You know you're getting a high-quality product because the system is rigorously tested using various weapons and tools to ensure nothing gets through the shield, whether through a forced entry or ballistic variations.


When you combine expert craftsmanship and high-quality manufacturing, your result creates an enhanced security system like Riot Glass. The installation process consists of having an assessment done on the property to understand and streamline the customer's specific needs. The installer works directly with a network dealer to ensure the product is fabricated, shipped, and installed correctly.

Additionally, authorized installers and dealers are carefully selected and have to complete a thorough training program involving in-person and virtual experiences to ensure you are getting the highest quality, service, and reliability. All these benefits are combined with a company's values that pride itself on offering reliable products built with integrity and honesty.


The system’s performance is highly rated and rigorously tested that the manufacturer, Impact Security will compensate for any losses the customer experiences. The Riot Glass name comes with extensive labor and comprehensive material warranties and the company stands behind its installations and products. They are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, this alone shows why the Riot Glass system is the best choice.

Choose Clearly Secure for Window Protection in the Twin Cities

Clearly Secure is a Twin Cities company that works hard to provide our customers with the highest quality products on the market. We offer a free consultation to assess what your needs are and create a system focused on solutions.

We also specialize in the Riot Glass systems to fit customers seeking ballistic protection. Contact us today or give us a call at 561-770-7600 to schedule your free consultation.

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