4 Reasons to Choose Riot Glass for Window Protection
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4 Reasons to Choose Riot Glass for Window Protection

There are very few people who aren't looking for some additional protection for their home or business. And if you need a product that can provide you with commercial or residential window protection, riot glass has many different benefits. You want to keep the most vulnerable parts of your property protected, so Clearly Secure is here with why this glass system can create efficient and effective protection you can trust.

What is Riot Glass?

Riot glass is a specially designed security panel that fits over the glass that is already in place on your windows or doors. It is a nearly indestructible and virtually invisible product that has a fortified system to help reduce active threats and keep individuals and inventory safe during unwelcomed events like a break-in. The resistant glass comes in multiple different levels of protection and can be adjusted depending on the thickness needed for the environment.

Trusted Testing

The system itself has been developed with efficient testing methods and has framing systems that absorb kinetic energy and dissipate before breaking down the rest of the materials. The product is tested repeatedly in laboratories and in real life, resulting in forced entry-resistant windows our clients know they can depend on.

Exceptional Longevity

The advanced system offers protection from forced entry and burglaries, is more durable than glass, and provides extra security at all times for your home or business. The product's design is flexible, which means less chance of it breaking and creating a more reliable protection level. Its cutting-edge engineering also offers durability and reliability through its strength.

Customization Options

Riot glass framing also comes in multiple colors due to the powder coating system. It can be made with different types of glass, including mirror privacy tinted, low iron, and standard clear, meaning you can create a customized look to fit your property's aesthetics.

Enhanced Protection

It is also manufactured with military-grade strength, which means it can withstand ballistic and forced entry attacks. UV rays can be problematic because they will break down inventory and items on the property over time. Riot glass has a coating that provides 99.9% protection from UV rays on the material and on your property.

Honest and Trusted Installations in Florida

There are many different kinds of glass protection on the market, and riot glass is one of the top-rated choices that can offer peace of mind. If you need to find solutions for your glass security, Clearly Secure is your top-rated professional in Florida. We offer multiple professional installations for systems, including school security solutions and hurricane window film that our clients know and trust.

You want to keep your property as safe as possible, so contact us today or call us at 561-770-7600 for your free consultation.

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