security film

Security Film Grid
  • ◆ Strengthens windows and doors.
  • ◆ Prevents shattering from impact.
  • ◆ Various thickness and security grades.


DefenseLite Grid
  • ◆ Retrofit polycarbonate shield.
  • ◆ 250 times stronger than glass.
  • ◆ Virtually invisible and indestructible.


Bulletshield Grid
  • ◆ Ultimate window protection.
  • ◆ UL 752 ballistic rating.
  • ◆ Withstands bullets and blasts.

Our solutions

From smash and grabs to active shooters, we’ll help you stay safe from even the most severe threats. Choose from several types of window security systems depending on the solution you’re looking for.

markets we serve

Clearly Secure offers window security solutions for homes, commercial buildings, government buildings, and schools. Count on us to supply the custom, advanced window security system you need to feel safe!